Monday 08th February 2016,
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Working through Winter Break: Short Term Job Options


A semester of socializing has come and gone, and your hard-earned summer-paycheck reserves went with it! It’s not too late to give your bank account a boost and stay busy during the long month off with a part-time winter job.


A few weeks might not seem like enough time to hold down a job, but many retail stores and catering companies are looking for temporary employees just for the holiday rush. This will provide thousands of short-term jobs for any college students willing to work. Macy’s alone announced it will hire 80,000 seasonal workers! Holiday parties mean it’s also a busy time for catering companies. Many are looking for extra hands to help out at large holiday gatherings, and don’t forget local hotels.


Finally, while it won’t make your bank account grow, volunteer work is plentiful around the holidays, and a great addition to your resume. Check out Volunteer Match to find work near you.


Remember, no matter how short your job experience, leave on a good note. Even a temporary position can open the door to summer jobs and internships!


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